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Now most people will tell you that there is no cure for lupus. In a way they are correct. Lupus can never be cured using traditional medicines. This is because traditional medicines, drugs, simply fight the lupus symptoms, and never deal with the root cause.

Seems odd that a doctor will happily prescribe drugs for an illness that they have no idea how to cure, let alone know the cause!

Now, medical scientists have discovered the answer. They have discovered that it is the modern lifestyle that is causing so many of the current illnesses, including lupus.

Think about it. The body is designed to heal itself, if it is provided with what it needs to do the job. Your diet is vital to solving your lupus condition. By continually feeding the body with a modern diet of sugars, sweets, chemicals and so on, the body will naturally eventually breakdown. Therefore lupus can be seen as a symptom of the root cause of the disease within your body, and not the disease itself. It is a signal that all is not well within.

So what is the solution?

Simple. You cleanse your body from within, so that your immune system can work as it should and not be overworked dealing with continual pollutants. But you must provide your body with the right tools.

In the book, Lupus-Reversing Breakthrough you will discover many ways to help you cure lupus.

- the everyday foods that attack your body and aggravate lupus

- the most effective fruits and vegetables in cleaning acidic waste

- which supplements you must take to reduce inflammation

- how to reduce your cravings for toxic foods

- the scientific discovery that kick starts your body into its natural work

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Thursday, 2 December 2010

This Is Lupus

Listen to the stories told by some of the many Lupus sufferers

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Lupus Types -The 4 Main Types Of Lupus

There are four different lupus types. Although they are all classed as autoimmune disorders, they are different types of lupus in that the symptoms and characteristics vary. Each lupus type will identify with one of the following groups:

     1. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

When anyone talks of lupus, then systemic lupus is usually the form of the disease to which they are referring. This is the most frequently contracted form of the various lupus types.Systemic lupus symptoms range from swollen joints and muscle pain, to swelling of the legs. The severity of the lupus can vary a great deal, but in many people, it can be a very serious disorder which can have a major impact on vital organs of the body. In some cases, the disease can lead to kidney damage, strokes and even heart attacks.

    2. Discoid Lupus Erythematosus

This lupus type is also known as Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus. Whereas systemic lupus has a wide range of symptoms and can, and frequently does, attack several body systems, discoid lupus is limited to only skin related symptoms. Although not as dangerous as systemic lupus, this type of lupus is still painful and frustrating. Discoid lupus usually presents itself as a rash or discoloration of the skin. Symptoms that may also arise are hair loss, rashes within the ear or mouth and sores.

    3. Drug Induced Lupus Erythematosus

The third of the lupus types is very different from other lupus types, in that it arises as a direct result of the use of prescription drugs. This is different to systemic and discoid lupus, the causes of which are unknown. The condition however is short lived in most cases, with the symptoms only lasting a few months after use of the medications

    4. Neonatal Lupus

The last of the lupus types is different in that it is only experienced by the children born to women who have lupus, with the mother’s antibodies affecting the child within the womb. When born, the child may display symptoms that mirror those with systemic lupus, including liver problems and rashes. Fortunately, the condition is relatively rare and normally vanishes quickly, leaving no permanent damage.

As you can see, the types of lupus mentioned all have certain things in common, as well as having their own individual characteristics. Finding a lupus treatment to attend to the varied types of lupus has therefore been tricky and time consuming, involving extensive research, but with some very encouraging results.

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Friday, 26 November 2010

Living With Systemic Lupus : Nutritional Guidelines for People With Lupus

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Lupus - 4 Steps to Natural Relief

Lupus is a chronic, inflammatory, autoimmune (the body is attacking itself) disease that affects connective tissue (tissue that binds and supports various structures of the body and also includes the blood). Discoid Lupus Erythematosis (DLE) is a less serious type, affecting exposed areas of the skin and sometimes the joints. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) is a more serious, potentially fatal, and affects more organs of the body.
First, recognize that Lupus is inflammatory and an autoimmune disorder. These 2 characteristics are the focus of a natural approach to helping control and possibly recovering from the condition. A natural/holistic approach does not aim to just relieve symptoms or specifically treat a disease; it seeks an underlying source and addresses it. Respect for the body's natural recuperative ability is emphasized.
Some experts suggest that the traditional role of modern medicine and its focus on symptom covering may be a source of autoimmune and inflammatory disorders in itself, together with poor nutrition, toxin accumulation, and the high stress lifestyle so common in our era.
Secondly, rule out food allergies, parasites, candidiasis (yeast), bowel disorders, and digestive enzyme deficiencies. These may create symptoms that mimic or worsen Lupus. They may be the actual sources themselves. Qualified holistic practitioners can carefully analyze these issues and recommend solutions. Ask specifically for the practitioners training and experience in dealing with these. This "digging deeper" approach by holistic practitioners is where many lupus sufferers find real solutions.
Thirdly, your greatest challenge may be patience. Expect several weeks before significant improvement is noticed after starting treatment/lifestyle modifications. And expect several months if not several years for optimum control or resolution. Also, several relapses are the norm in a course of recovery from Lupus. Persistence is the key. Having a cooperative and understanding medical practitioner is helpful, because Lupus cases may likely need some medical care during their natural treatment process.
Lastly, but probably most important is the need for a sound, free flowing nervous system. This is best accomplished through chiropractic evaluation and adjustments. Misalignment of spinal structure, due to stress or trauma, causes irritation or interference with nerve transmission. The spinal areas that typically need adjusting are between C6-T3 and T9-L2. These areas can have direct influence on hormone balance/inflammation.
Some drugs give a false positive test (looks like Lupus); hydrazine, procainamide, and beta blockers.
Each case of Lupus is unique and needs a full evaluation. What may help one may not help another.
Some consistent solutions are: limiting or eliminating dairy products, eating smaller, more frequent meals, increasing digestive enzymes and stomach acidity, increasing consumption of essential oils (walnuts, flax, oily fishes, olive oil), avoiding alfalfa sprouts or tablets that contain L-canavanine sulfate.
Any modifications in lifestyle that are found to be helpful need to be continued lifelong.
The holistic/natural approach to Lupus is not a cure-all, but careful analysis and modification with non-medication solutions should be considered.
Dr Tom Potisk AKA The down'to-earth" doctor, author of the book Whole health Healing-The Budget Friendly Natural Wellness Bible for All Ages
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Thursday, 25 November 2010

What Is Lupus?

Although there is no known cure using traditional medicinal methods, there is a great deal of evidence suggesting breakthrough cures within the natural health and holistic healing field.

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